Thursday, 10 April 2014

How To Use Unlockables To Promote Video Gaming

Video Gaming is a sport that is beloved to many people around the globe. To sit at your desk and visit all the fantastical worlds and to go on adventures so removed from the mundane is a much sought after experience. However this also means that people may get so immersed in that one game that they like, that they may tend to ignore something new. To seduce the game away from this rut he has immersed himself into, developers and the distributors use different and innovative ways.

Promotional uses of Unlockables

Unlockables refer to content made available to the gamers as limited edition access to some unusual aspects of the game but not accessible unless some particular task is completed. They are generally marketed as limited edition luxury items and lure in the gamer to completing the criteria required to gain access to these special gifts. These are much sought after and many gamers use them for bragging rights to showcase their passion for gaming.

Types of unlockables used

Some of the different types of unlockables given by the developers or distributors are Pre-order bonuses, Achievements, Task Completion and Treasure Hunts, usually exclusive access to some special content only if the software or game is ordered prior to launch, sometimes on the completion of certain seemingly insurmountable tasks, some are based on the scores earned by the gamer in the due course of the games played by them and as some kind of hidden rewards in the game that are not visible normally.


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