Wednesday, 8 January 2014

8 GenerationPS4, More than a Console!

PS4 is making records. Mere after its launch in 2013, the sales seems to be more boosted as it has touched the sales to 4.2 millions more than any console of any brand. This is for the first time that the Sony launch of PS has put all the other existing firms in troubles with embedding the excellent features in its play station console.

Setting back to all the pitfalls this Plays station 4 has AMD processor with new share button on the controller to enable a view of game stream with live friends. Isn’t seems to cool! This is the only reason which is diving in all the interest of the users or passionate players to buy it and keep it in the home. This PS4 is more than a video game console as the services are splendid and are latched with lot of Apps. The competition is tough as there are many other consoles like Xbox which are nevertheless performing well in the market.

Lot of reports is stating around the decline of the play stations but it is not true as the numbers are gradually increasing. PS4 is same like the PC just you have an additional remote your hand to control the actions while playing the game. Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity, Bluetooth and USB 3.3 ports is really boosting the numbers more therefore to stop visiting the stores it is commendable to buy it as they are easily available in stores.


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